“What’s in a name?

 Well, if you are Southern Ontario based singer-songwriter HarpAcash, then the answer is...everything. It is a culmination of a decade spent finding her identity both as a solo artist, and with former local favourites The Morals. It is an all encompassing voice; it is an artistic persona. It’s aesthetically pleasing to read, fun to say, and like her music: memorable. It is a word plucked from the subconscious, unveiled in a dream state and made real upon waking. And now HarpAcash, along with her songwriting and performing partner DannyBoy, has one goal in mind: to make the music she has desperately always wanted to hear. With minimalist production from legendary Canadian musician / engineer Michael Timmins, they are blending their R&B-infused pop songs with jazz and soul elements that showcase her incredible range and unique, scat-like vocal rhythms.